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What is Verichip?


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VeriChip or Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)


Imagine having a microchip inside your body that would store your identification and important medical information, and might even tell people where you are. People can store important information about themselves right beneath their skin. A chip about the size of a grain of rice has the capacity to perform all that and more.

The VeriChip is an implantable radio frequency identification device (RFID). The Verichip can be used in many different categories such as security, financial and most importantly medical reasons. This device is as small as a grain of rice and it can be implanted under the skin in the fleshy part (underneath portion) of the upper arm or the palm of the hand. The VeriChip is made out of a specific "verification number" and is available in many formats. The "verification number" can be identified by electronically scanning over the VeriChip. "Radio frequency energy" goes through the scanner, which releases a "radio frequency signal" which transfers the number. The number is used to access a "subscriber-supplied database" this provides access to the Global Verichip subscriber (GVS). This data in maintained by state of the art GVS which is located in California. This type of identification device cannot be lost, stolen or misplaced.

 The place in the hand where the Veri chip is implanted the body


It is very quick and simple to implant this chip under the skin. It is also very painless when being inserted much like getting a shot. This chip is used in many different fields; however, I will be focusing mainly on the medical use of this data chip. Important information about anyone is very important to be kept confidential.


There is a fee for the GVS (Global Verichip subscriber) registry service. The fee is about $9.95 (U.S dollars) per a month. They have made it very simple and easy to pay the money. It is done through the subscribers credit card.  This chip also has a special polyethylene sheath that helps it bond to the skin. This will prevent the chip from moving or budging from its original position. There are no chemicals to worry about and the chip is never turned down. Its life expectancy is about 15- 20 years.  

The use of this chip brings many controversial questions to mind. Such as: Do other people have the right to know your medical history? If you have any please share them with me.