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Today's Emerging Technology
The Effect on Education

Our Schools today.

It is difficult to relate the uses of the Verichip with in the school system. It is a chip of many uses, but its influence on the school community and education can not be distinguished easily.


We live during a time which the education system has developed great teaching methods. The Verichip will affect the style of learning for those students who are interested in entering medicine, security, law or biotechnology. The fields which the students choose to follow will have a major affect on their knowledge and use of the chip.


There is some situation which this chip could be used in at school or any large public facility. Over the years there had been some tragic events which took places in American and European schools. Students who have specific types of illnesses will fall down and faint, and perhaps die. If students were to have this chip implanted within, it would have been very easy for the teacher to help the student. First, by scanning the chip the teacher will know what the problem is, and then performing first aid on the student, until better help is provided.


This chip will effect the way students look at biology, law and security. There are many different opinions regarding this subject; therefore, students will form many ideas and thoughts regarding the legalization of this data chip. In a Catholic System such as ours, this might also being up the topic of accepting this chip, and what does the Church have to say about it. Many topics and questions will be brought up regarding this chip. It will help to expand the way students think and preserve issues that make a colossal part in our lives.         


What other way does the Verichip affect education?