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The Effect on Society
Today's Emerging Technology

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Our Society Today

Like many new inventions of our time, the Verichip will have a massive effect on our society today. If further applications of the Verichip were to take place now, there would be a major change among our civilization. Many experts say that this chip will solve many problems among humankind, but it will also trigger the high risk for other problems. This chip will simplify the complexity of medical data information, and also help to save the lives of many. Individuals who have been hurt or injured will be treated faster, due to the fact that this chip provides all their medical information. Also is they are far away from their family physician, and they need to see a doctor, all they need to do is screen the chip, and the doctor will see the medical history. This chip can also affect our society in other ways, such as locating criminals and also tracing the places of lost individuals. This chip sounds like an interesting and a useful tool to be injected into the human body; yet, individuals who would whish to have the chip injected in them have to pay a specific amount of money $300 to $400 just to place it inside the body and also a fee to keep the information in a safe data base in California (monthly fee of $9.95 U.S dollars per a month). This might create a dilemma within the community itself.


We live during a time where human rights are well protected; we are told about discrimination and segregation between different minority groups of individuals. If people who get this chip injected into them are only those who have the money to afford such a high tech invention, then this brings up many questions about the people who can not afford it. One of the main purposes of this chip is to save human life, which means that all people need to have one injected into them if they wish; however, that is not the reality of the case; only those who can afford the chip can have it inserted into their bodies. But those who needed and wish to have it, but they are not fortunate enough to have the money for it are not given their life saving wish.


Which brings me to my next point; our society today relies and trusts technology. As a civilized community we can not forget the fact that it was human effort and intelligence which brought this chip to this point. Today, more people are forgetting that fact. Their trust has shifted from human intelligence to Microchips. Over the years, it has been proven that technology can not be spared of mistakes. Sometimes individuals have to recognize that putting full trust into a specific area can be harmful to both sides.    


To conclude, it is very important to have the medical data of any person organized well. People travel to different countries, they get sick or unconscious and they can not speak. This chip can overcome those problems. This indicates that we all need to have one of those chips with in our bodies. Regardless of social status humans need to have a Verichip injected into them if they choose to have one.


If you have any additional thoughts about how this chip might affect our society, please share them with me.